Instead of us trying to tell you how good we are, we thought we would leave it to our clients. You are welcome to read through some of the compliments.

Since Charmaine has become our portfolio manager we have been able to mange our affairs with more ease.  Our payments are in most cases paid on time, occasionally we have had emergency payments to be made and those too are paid timeoulsly,  she answers our questions  and makes herself available to assist wherever possible. We no longer have to keep going back on emails to check what is still outstanding.  Our lives have been made much easier since Charmaine and her team joined us. She is very professional.  We describe her "as a breath of fresh air."

Ronnie has been on our portfolio most of the time I have been a trustee, since 2014.  I have found Ronnie to be very helpful and informative.  She gives feedback very quickly, and she seems to be the glue that holds things together every time one of our  portfolio managers is changed.  

Christine has always been helpful and gets things done asap.  

Thank you for a wonderful team.  Hopefully the new people put on our portfolio this week support Charmaine so that she may continue her excellent work.

Kind Regards,

D Van Niekerk
Mount Joy Estate

Dear Peter

We would like to put on record our satisfaction with Charmaine Lindeque, our complex portfolio manager, who has gone beyond the extra mile to assist Dale Gardens with their many issues.  She handles matters with professionalism and consideration.  She is always pleasant, and has brought a lovely new breath of fresh air to the team.  We are very happy with her performance and trust that ANGOR take this into account.  This is a vast improvement from the previous lady.

The Directors 
Dale Gardens

ANGOR has exceptionally competent staff and are very efficient at administering levies and the Body Corporate books of account. We value our 9 year relationship with ANGOR who act as an anchor of institutional knowledge through changes in Body Corporate composition. We are grateful for the professional advice ANGOR provides with regards to compliance and practical implementation of solutions to Body Corporate issues.

Esprit Estate Body Corporate


Thank you very much, not only for the information I just received, but for inviting me to the very informative training on Saturday. You guys (ANGOR) are the best in the industry, your passion for doing business within the framework of the law give us confidence that we are in good hands.

The fact that you organise training sessions like the one on Saturday to update trustees on new developments in the industry and in law is unmatched.

Thanks again for your excellent service.

Kind regards,

JJ Baloyi (Mr.)
Lake Como Body Corporate Trustee chairperson

Hi Kerry,
Thank you very much for a thoroughly professional and most informative presentation on Saturday (25 February 2017). I, and I am sure all other delegates, came away with a much better understanding of the implications of the new legislation and our associated obligations.
Best regards
Quinta Do Lago HOA


ANGOR Property Specialist, Lisa van Vuuren and her team have assisted the Trustees during the past financial year. As Chairman I have found Lisa to be extremely supportive and always willing to assist in resolving problems. I would like to extend our thanks on behalf of the owners of Sandton Glen to Lisa and her team at ANGOR.

The Trustees
Sandton Glen Body Corporate

To whom it may concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how fantastic one of your agents has been throughout our application to rent a property through your firm. Stephanie Van Tonder has been absolutely wonderful at every stage of our staying in the property and we have found her to be more that ever expected with an agent. She is a friendly and helpful agent and has made it very clear that we can contact herself or any of the other staff at Angor whenever we need. Stephanie has really raised the bar of what I would expect from a future agent from any firm. She really has made renting via your company an absolute pleasure.

Kind regards
Gabriella Youkee

ANGOR Property Specialist, Lisa van Vuuren and her team have again provided the Trustees with invaluable assistance during the past financial year. As Chairman I have found Lisa to be extremely supportive and always willing to assist in resolving problems. Thank you Lisa for your generosity in sharing your expertise and wealth of knowledge in the management of Hillside View.
Kavir Partab 
Chairman - Hillside View Body Corporate

Good morning Willem,
I trust my mail finds you well?

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Lisa and Madeleine (and their support team) on the excellent service they deliver for BlueCrane Nest. From the beginning they have delivered and exceeded all expectations with no hesitation at all. Whether it be an email or telephonic query they are always keen to assist and do so efficiently and diligently. I have sometimes called Lisa with a query over the weekend, after hours and sometimes on her day off but have always been greeted with a friendly voice and been offered assistance no matter how big or small my problem was – without hesitation.

About two weeks ago I emailed Madeleine and asked her for the number they use to report faulty street lights as I wanted to call the Council to report 2 or 3 lights in our street that were out. Madeleine emailed me back with a fault number and said that she had logged the call for me and that I should just keep an eye on the street lamps as to when the repair will be carried out. Any person with such pro-activeness in Angor is definitely a valued asset to the business.

Ever since Angor took over the managing of our complex it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with them. Due to the fact that both Lisa & Madeleine run the shop so efficiently that side I sometimes find myself trying to look for work (with little success) surrounding the complex - just to try and keep busy with matters. From a simple email to legal / building advice – Willem, you have a super team working for you as no job is too big or too small !!

Both Lisa and Madeleine do not put in 100% of their effort – they exceed this 10 fold!! I have yet to come across another team that delivers such high standards.

Keep it up guys !!!
Gavin Sheldon
Account Manager & IT Support

It is such a pleasure working with a managing agent that gets the monthly accounts out as quick as ANGOR does - normally within the first week following the month being reported on. I have been a trustee at 5 complexes over the past 11 years, with experience from 5 different managing agents, and ANGOR has been the only managing to consistently perform in terms of on time monthly financial reports, the most important issue I believe as a trustee.

Kevin Trollip
Chairman and Finance Trustee

Dear Peter,

I trust you are well.

Thanks to ANGOR for the professional and eloquent administration of our SGM and portfolio by Tyson Teubner last night.

I am a firm believer that companies are built around the quality of their human resources, their skill sets and personal attributes.

Compliments to your human resource acquisition department as I am continuously impressed by the quality of your workforce.

I look forward to continued mutually beneficial relationships as Owner, Trustee and Developer of buildings placed with your company.

Juan H. Leonard
Owner 38 The Dunes Phase II (Chairman The Dunes Phase II BC)
Owner 11 & 12 Bushwillow Estate (Ex Director)
Financial Director LENDEV(Pty)Ltd - Part of the GENESIS GROUP OF DEVELOPERS

Hi Megan Wood
Thank you very much, wow your service is excellent!!! I've been battling to get this sorted for four months now, and here you come within a couple hours, that is phenomenal. 
Thank you again and keep up the good work. 
Theoschea Trustee