Making a rental property a home

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You have just moved into your new rental property, and want to make it home- but before you get out the drill or paintbrush, remember this property belongs to someone else, and the nails you want to place, or the green paint you love so much, may not be to their liking!

In fact, the landlord may have just spent his/ her entire week’s leave painting out the whole unit for a new tenant, or worse, spent his/ her entire bonus on having contractors repaint the property before your occupation.

Your lease should cover the conditions of what you can and cannot do when it comes to altering anything within the property.  Generally, the rule is if you wish to do any alterations or additions then you must consult with the landlord first. Be clear about what it is you want to do and put it in writing.  Should the landlord give the go ahead, don’t deviate from your original idea, as landlord approval is based on what you presented to him/her in the first place.

If the landlord declines your request, then respect this as he/ she would have a valid reason for this.  Don’t be the tenant that says to heck with the landlord, he/ she can keep my deposit when I move out, I will put up the family photos and paint the walls with the block stencils I got as a house warming present from my arty friends!
Your future rental reference could be affected by this type of attitude, and can hinder you in moving to a next property in a year’s time, as the rental agent or landlord who conducts a landlord reference with your current landlord, may receive a negative reference.  Whilst you may have paid your rental on time every month, you have angered your current landlord to the point that he/ she has nothing to say about your on-time payments.  You may find the landlord only shares how you were the worst tenant who destroyed his/ her property and that your deposit will not even cover the costs to repair, and now, due to your behaviour, the property must sit empty again so the landlord can fix what you have done, leaving him/ her with a month’s less rent due to your reckless actions.

What you do in your home today could affect the home you want in the future.

Author: Joanne Crisp - Rentals Manager

Submitted 13 Dec 17 / Views 390