Tips for a successful Tenant application

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Tips for a successful Tenant application
When deciding to view properties which the Tenant has decided may be suitable to rent, the Tenant needs to be prepared, in order to avoid any unnecessary delays in securing the property.
Here are a few things for prospective Tenants to consider: 
  • Have the correct and updated documentation ready:  The Rental Agent should have already informed the Tenant of the required documentation to complete the application process. These documents usually include the completed application form with contact details for references; the Tenant’s most recent pay slips or proof of employment; a clear certified copy of ID or other proof of identity; and bank statements to verify income.
  • Request the application form in advance: Doing so will enable the Tenant to complete all the required fields and have all the information and documentation at the ready.
  • Applying with a partner:  Ensure that the other party has also prepared all the forms and supporting documentation. Giving the Rental Agent a complete set of documents increases the possibility of positive screening over other applicants, who has yet to submit all documentation.
  • Don’t be late for the arranged viewing: Being on time is common courtesy. Being ready and waiting for the Rental Agent creates a favourable impression to the Rental Agent for feedback to the Landlord, who makes the ultimate decision in which applicant to place.
  • Be presentable: “Sunday Best” is not required, but prospective Tenants should be presentable. It shows that the Tenant is taking the process seriously and indicates to the Rental Agent, and therefore to the Landlord, that the prospective Tenant might take the same care with the rental property. Always remember: First Impressions Last.
  • Keep in contact: After viewing the property and completing the application process, the Tenant should keep in touch with the Rental Agent to indicate his/ her maintained interest and seriousness in moving the process forward. There is a fine line between maintaining contact and being pushy- Don’t cross that line! The Tenant should assist with any additional required information in a timely manner, which will assist in expediting the deal.
Good luck in finding your ideal rental property!

Author: Julie Petermann - Rentals Compliance Officer

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