Rental Management Solution
ANGOR Property Specialists has tailor made a Property Rental Management Solution specifically designed to meet the needs of the Residential Property Investor.

In addition to the services covered in an unmanaged rental, we will administer the property and collect rentals and other sums payable by the Tenant in terms of the lease agreement. From the rental income, we will manage payment of levies, utilities and rates if required. Owner payments will be transferred via EFT to the Landlord's account by the 7th of every month and we will submit a monthly statement to the Landlord in respect of the administration of the property.

Entrance and exit inspections of the property will be completed with both incoming and outgoing tenants, and the landlord will receive copies of all relevant documentation.

Should repairs and general maintenance be required on the property, the process will be managed by our Maintenance Department who will provide quotes for authorisation and will oversee the work on behalf of the owner. The deposit will be held in a trust account and the costs for which the tenant is liable will be deducted prior to deposit refund at the end of the rental term.
Why the Property Rental Management Solution is the perfect tool for the Property Investor:
  • The state of the art ANGOR Online system allows Property Investors to access their portfolio details from anywhere, at any time – you always know the status of your rental.
  • The custom-designed ANGOR Apple Application has features tailored specifically for the Rental Property Investor – technology at your fingertips allows you access to all your rental portfolio details.
  • An extremely competent Residential Rental Management Team with years of experience will manage rentals on behalf of the owner – why spend your valuable time sorting out tenant issues when we can do it for you?
  • Our Rental Accounting and Support Function is managed by a highly qualified CIMA Intern (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) – your rental portfolio finances are in capable hands.
  • We offer a highly effective rental collection system – we take the hassle out of rental collections.
  • A 24 Hour Call Centre is available to assist owners and tenants with account queries and maintenance emergencies – we're there to sort out issues as they arise.