When I buy into a Sectional Title Scheme or a Freehold Estate I become a member of the Body Corporate or Homeowners Association.
The Body Corporate / Homeowners Association appoints Trustees / Directors who appoint a managing agent such as ANGOR Property Specialists.
Each building is managed by a reliable team with excellent knowledge of property management
We assist with
annual Budgeting
We compile and distribute detailed monthly management accounts
We advise on complying with the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act
We arrange
Meter Reading (where required)
We keep full and proper books of account and
We assist with
annual preparation of Financial Statements
We pay all suppliers
We assist with
Levy Clearance Certificates
We assist
complexes / estates in complying with statutory requirements
Since 1998 we have been offering a comprehensive and wide range of services to our clients, thus adding value to their investments.
We are registered with all the required statutory bodies
We advise on
complying with the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act and the Sectional Titles Act
We send letters on behalf of Trustees / Directors
We arrange delivery of monthly levy statements
We arrange for payment of salaries, UIF, PAYE and other employee related costs; and distribution of payslips
We attend and minute AGMs, SGMs & Trustee / Director Meetings
We assist in arranging the AGM and SGMs
We advise on enforcing Conduct Rules and Management Rules
We collect levies and advise on managing arrears
We assist in obtaining and annually renewing Fidelity Insurance and insurance over the common property