ANGOR Property Specialists – Professional Managing Agents

Established in 1998, ANGOR Property Specialists (Pty) Ltd is a specialist residential property company, and proud to be recognised as one of the market leaders in South Africa, responsible for the finances and management of more than 50 000 Sectional Title and Homeowner’s Association units in over 500 schemes.

What differentiates ANGOR from any other managing agent is the way that we embrace technological advances, as every facet of our business is driven through, custom-designed systems, which have been implemented to ensure that all our internal processes run without a hitch.

ANGOR has been an early adopter of the work-from-home concept and can therefore provide our customers with uninterrupted, quality service during the current and post-COVID-19 environment. We are a front runner in offering contactless meetings with trustees and directors, and virtual voting products at AGMs and SGMs.

We promote absolute transparency when it comes to managing the cash and cash reserves of our clients, as every Scheme is allocated with their own separate trust bank account. The investment products that we offer, in conjunction with our business banking partners, is highly competitive.

We also give clients access to scheme documents, paid invoices, bank statements, and notices and minutes of scheme meetings on our custom-built system: ANGOR Online. Please enter  +358407714184 with PIN 1234 to access ANGOR Online and navigate the system.

Below are links to our company profile and related documents. We would appreciate you taking a few moments to peruse these documents.
ANGOR’s administration fee for your Scheme is inclusive of printing, stationery, telephone calls, attending of 6 meetings per year (AGMs, SGMs, Director Meetings), in person or via a virtual platform, and access to ANGOR-On-Line and the 24-hour emergency maintenance call centre.

The only additional cost to the Homeowner Association would be monthly bank charges, fees for optional services outlined in the agreement, the annual CIPC return fee, the annual CIPC submission fee, CIPC Director amendment fees, the annual audit fee, annual tax calculation fees, tax returns and optional additional meetings.

Additional costs to owners would be clearance certificates, as and when required, and optional meter reading fees, as outlined in the agreement.

ANGOR offers schemes access to service partners:
Please note all Schemes must adhere to the relevant legislations:
  1. The Scheme must be registered with the Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS), as it is compulsory in terms of the CSOS regulations. ANGOR can facilitate this at an additional cost outlined in the agreement.
  2. Should the Scheme have employees it is compulsory for Scheme Employees to be paid via payroll and for the Scheme and Scheme Employees to be registered for UIF and PAYE. ANGOR can facilitate the registration at an additional cost outlined in the agreement, monthly payroll is a service included in ANGOR’s fee.